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Ex-p Pressurized enclosures

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Ex p- control unit FS870S - Properties

  • Suitable for hazardous areas Zone 1 and 21
  • Extended measurement and control
  • BVS 10 ATEX E 112, IECEx BVS 10.0095
  • SIL 2 – safety standard

Compact system, Mounting inside hazardous area or inside Ex p- cabinet


  • ATEX certificate: BVS 10 ATEX E 112 according to EN 60079 and EN 61241
  • IECEx certificate: IECEx BVS 10.0095 according to IEC 60079 and IEC 61241
Ex- protection
  • II 2 G; Ex e db mb ib [pxb] IIC T4 Gb
  • II 2 D; Ex tb IIIC T100°C [ib] [pxb] Db

High safety standard

  • Functional safety SIL 2 according to IEC 61508
  • Performance level “d” according to DIN EN ISO 13849

Measurement- and control technology

  • Wide range flow measurement, with dynamic range 1:50 (comparison: plate orifice 1:5!) Flow measurement without plate orifice, low backpressure
  • Further lowering of back pressure by active proportional outlet valve
  • Simultaneous PID- control of cabinet pressure and flow rate (patented)
  • No increased pressure inside Ex p cabinet while pre purging phase - constant low pressure level while purge and operating phase protects the Ex p- cabinet


  • Wide range power supply: 100 V – 240 VAC or 24VDC
  • Same solenoid valve type for all supply voltages
  • Compact system – no external pressure- / flow sensors or vents necessary
  • Reduced type variety by elimination of plate orifice and wide range power supply
  • Simultaneous input and output sided PID control offers wide ranging, free programmable cabinet pressure levels and flow rates

User-friendly operation

  • Graphic display with backlight
  • Single button programming and operation
  • Simple, menu-based programming
  • Clear text messaging in selectable language
  • Simultaneous indication of multiple system information and measurements
  • Internal log file (e.g. for system diagnosis)
  • Optional, external operator panel BT871 with graphic display and backlight


  • Ethernet interface (Ex e) for connection to supervisory control system - Web interface (integrated web server) for process monitoring via WWW (option)
  • Ex i- interface for intelligent operator panel BT871
  • Ex i- bus interface for external proportional pressure sensor ES872
  • Ex i- bus interface for customer specific data module CM873
  • Discrete Ex i- I/Os (BYPASS, ON/OFF, LED output for „System OK“, "System-ON", etc.)
  • External Ex i- alarm input for safety loops
  • Programmable, potential free alarm contact output
  • Design compatible to established system F850S


  • Analyzer instruments with special requirements within the operation mode "continuous flow" (flow rate control and monitoring)
  • Applications with high purge flow rate at low cabinet pressure

  last modified: 12.02.2020