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Ex p- control unit FS870S - Mounting hints

Mounting FS870S

90° - Angle adapter set

Easy mounting of the FS850s on the housing wall using the 90°- angle adapter.

The adapter set combines the 90° adapter block and a short 1" sized pipe section. The nap less side of the pipe section is shift into the adapter block.

The adapter block has a built in O-ring to tight the pipe section. The pipe section is moveable without rotating movement inside the adapter block. On the other side of the adapter block an second O- ring tights the adapter to the housing wall.

How to do:

  1. Screw the pipe section into the FS850S
  2. Attach the adapter block on the pipe section. shift the block until the opening of the block is on the same height as the drilling in the housing wall.
  3. Afterwards fix the adapter block with the reducing spoud to the housing wall.
  last modified: 24.11.2010