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Ex p control unit FS860S - Description



The FS860S is designed for applications in which large volumes have to be purged within a short time. Main appli-cations are e.g. enclosures of electrical machines (motors) as well as large control cabinets. The 2 inch- technology allows purging rates of 33 liters per second (~ 120 m³/h) at low pressure levels inside the Ex p- housing.

Optionally the FS860S can be designed for a pressure range up to 27 mbar, which enables purging rates beyond 120m³/h.


It is the first compact electronic purging system, which is able to realize these high purging quantities, with only one (single) integrated output. Thereby the FS860S represents a modern and compact alternative to obsolete pneumati-cally working purging systems.

The integration of proportionally working valve technology (known from the FS850S) makes the 2 inch-system singular in its purging rate class:

  • Pressure regulated purging phase
  • Integration of flow while purging
  • Pressure regulated normal operation phase with minimum purging gas consumption

Optionally the system can be combined with digitally working inlet valves or blower (fan) compression.


The security level of the FS860S corresponds to the cate-gory 3 (EN 954-1). This level is required for all devices inside the Ex zone 1 and 21 compliant to IEC 60079-2 !

Occurring errors lead to a direct alerting at the LC- display. Additionally, alarm inputs for external safety chains as well as an optional, programmable reporting output are implemented.

  last modified: 09.04.2020