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Ex-p Pressurized enclosures

F830 F840 F850-SYST F850S F850U F860S F870S OEM SR852 SR853

Pressurized enlcosure system: F850-SYST : HMI / IPC for Ex-Zone 1/21

Inegration of approved HMI / IPC divices of common manufactures (e. g. Siemens, Beijer) in Ex-Zone 1/21

Some examples:

  • Inegration of nearly all impact-tested HMI / IPC devices of common manufactures
  • Integration of the HMI / IPC and additional operating buttons or control components possible
  • Ex-Protection realized by integration of all compenents into a pressurized enclosure with automatically power and signal disconnection
  • Size and geometry of the Ex-p cabinet can be realized customer specific

  • HMI panel with touch
  • Intrinsically-safe touchscreen: the touchscreen is made intrisically-safe by use of Ex-i barriers to ensure a safe operation in Ex-Zone 1/21

  • HMI-application with rotatable cabinet

  • 50"  TFT display with 127 cm screen diagonal and Full HD resolution 1920 x 1080
  • Best picture quality through digital data transfer over copper or LWL, availabel interfaces: DVI, USB, Video, Ethernet, etc.
  • Easy integration into existing automation solutions
  • Extendable with optional input devices e. g. KB153 Keyboard with integrated touchpad for on-site input
  • Also other screen diagonals are available on request
  • HMI-application with a support arm
  • The electrical cable and the data line are includet in the support arm
  last modified: 10.01.2020