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Yes, we can - Überdruckkapselungssystem F850-SYST goes IECEx

The comprehensive testing of pressurized systems according to the current explosion protecting standards, which Gönnheimer has been offering for ATEX since 2003, is now also available for the international standard IECEx.

Customers can have pressurized enclosures or other systems in Zone 1/21 certified by Gönnheimer for ATEX and IECEx based on a notified type-examination certificate of a notified body.

With our experience in the field of explosion protection, our customers benefit now beyond the ATEX- world.

The use of pressurized enclosures provides the operation of non Explosion protected devices in hazardous areas of Zone 1, 21, 2 and 22. The protection type pressurization is based on the principle of maintaining a constant pressure using air or a protective gas to prevent an explosive mixture forming near the apparatus inside the pressurized enclosure. This is achieved by placing and operating the non Ex- devices inside of an Ex p- housing. This housing has a small but constant overpressure of air or protective gas and prevents the infiltration of combustible gases or dusts.

Pressurized enlcosure system: F850-SYST


Gönnheimer features as manufacturer of Ex p- Systems a comprehensive ATEX Ex p- SYSTEM Certification of a notified body.

Provides a economical solution for small quantities

  • certified for Ex- Zone 1
  • enhanced for Dust- Ex, Zone 21 (category 2D)
  • the first ATEX certification of this type in Europe
  • matches > 80% of all individual customer systems
  • enhanced pressure ranges: 27mbar, 350mbar and 1 bar

Costumer advantages:

+ usual delivery time, + usual quality,+ usual costs,+ no additional efforts

EC- type examination certificate: DMT 02 ATEX E 086

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  last modified: 14.02.2020