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Ex pzc - control unit FS830 - Description


The use of pressurized enclosures allows the operation of non explosion protected standard devices inside hazardous areas.

The protection type pressurization (Ex p) is based on the principle of keeping a constant cabinet pressure with a protective purge gas, to prevent the hazardous area from entering the cabinet

Flexible, simplified set-up

The pressurized enclosure system F830 is featured with a flexible system configuration with separate installation of the inlet valve, outlet valve and control unit.

The inlet valve (solenoid valve SVD.L) and the outlet valve (LA830) can be mounted at various places at the pressurized cabinet. The compact control unit FS830 can be integrated user-friendly direct into the cabinet wall.

Distinct purging time reduction

In case of higher flow rates during the purging phase, multiple outlet valves LA830 can be installed to shorten the purge time.

Due to the integrated spark barrier inside the LA830, the purge air can leave the cabinet directly into the hazardous area.

The control unit FS830 can be connected from the inside of the Ex pz- housing without the need of additional cable glands or tube connections.

In some applications, the Ex- protection by a simplified pressurization system allows an operation without pre- purging of the cabinet. Thereby the solenoid valve (SVD.L) can be replaced by the adjustable leakage compensation nozzle SD840. The nozzle SD840 is also used for dust- Ex, Zone 22 applications.

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  last modified: 09.04.2020