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HMI PC100 Scope Applications Components Concept Dimensions Displays Housings Options

PC100 - Display variety

PC100 with 24" TFT display

  • Large, clear widescreen display
  • Plenty of space for modern applications
  • Certified according to actual standards

PC100 with 19" TFT display

  • Clearly arranged display
  • Sufficient space for many automation tasks

PC100 with 17,3" TFT display

  • Clearly arranged widescreen display
  • Sufficient space for many automation tasks

PC100 with 15" TFT display

  • Ideal for automation tasks with less place requirement

PC100 panel with 12" TFT display

  • Modular PC panel with highly flexible
  • Efficient space saving type


PC100 panel with 10,4" TFT display

  • PC100 with 10,4" display

PC100 panel with 8,4" TFT display

  last modified: 14.02.2020