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PC100 - Description

The PC100

 is the user interface of an industrial PC designed for use in Ex- zone 1.

The future of HMI-devices for the use in explosion endan-gered areas is less based on short lived proprietary prod-ucts but more on all-purpose, modular products of latest technology and highest capability.

As a user, you should have a HMI-device at your disposal, which is completely autonomous from todays PC-platforms and software and thereby featuring a long product life cycle.

This trend led to the development of the PC100-concept, which comes up to todays and future requirements by use of an intelligent combination of different Ex-protection classes.

A high degree of technical and functional independency is reached by the use of standard components, which allows the integration of latest technology at anytime.

The stainless steel designer housing is specific to the needs of international production facilities with varying re-quirements (GMP-guideline, clean rooms, etc.).

The PC100 offers a multiplicity of potentials to cope with the special demands of our customers. On this account, nu-merous options are available for the PC100 as well as a non-Ex-device for industry-compatible applications in non-hazardous areas.


The PC is located in the safe area. There are no more Ex- barriers necessary  the PC is unlimited network capable. A later update to a more powerful PC is possible at any time. The PC is connected with a Video- remote control to the PC100.


For the remote control usually a 4 x 2 AWG 24 (CAT 5/6) cable is recommended, but alternatively a glass fibre can be used. The customer do not have to follow the rules for intrinsically safe wiring, because the connection is not intrinsically safe.

Power supply

The power supply (e.g. 230V AC) of the display is connected to the integrated Ex e- terminal box. There-fore no Ex i- multi- power supplies are necessary. The intrinsically safe keyboard and stainless steel trackball (both IP65) are connected to the PC100 with a plug.

Fine housings

The modules above are integrated in a graceful designed commander housing. The housing is manufac-tured of stainless steel with a protection class of IP65. Therefore it can be used in pharmaceutical or food production. It is also possible to integrate the PC100 modules in actually existing control panels.

  last modified: 09.04.2020