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Keyboard interface KI153 - Description

The keyboard interface KI153 enables the operation of input devices, like PC keyboards, trackballs etc. within Ex- areas of Zone 1 and 2. For this, it offers the possi-bility of converting several PS/2 or USB channels into intrinsically safe circuits which permit a signal trans-mission into Ex area.

A variety of input devices permits an adaptation to the needs of different applications and places of work.

The EC- Type certificates of the KI153 as well as the input components are matched and guarantee a prob-lem-free interconnection of all components with a sys-tem certificate from one hand. Verifications of intrinsic safety of all interconnections are provided, so the user saves initialization of application specific acceptance.

The KI153 also offers the possibility to use front-sided input devices in pressurized enclosure housings (Ex-p) for which intrinsically safe controls are necessary. (E.g. due to insufficient flushing of the contact areas and/or insufficient impact strength.

  last modified: 12.02.2020