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AP170 FD153 HS154 ID153 KB153 KI153 TB153

Keyboard KB153 - Description

KB153.0: standard keyboard

Short shift keyboard, IP65, 105 keys, country specific layouts

  • The keyboard has 105 keys, MF2 Layout
  • Panel mounting or housing version available

KB153.2: keyboard with touch pad

  • Like Standard type, with additional Touchpad

KB153.4: compact keyboard

  • Compact size
  • Full function range of Standard type, but only 30 keys!

KB153.0 - in V2A stainless steel housing

Standard keyboard, hard-wired, short shift buttons, IP65, 105 keys, country-specific Layouts

  • Stainless steel housing
  • Hard-wired
  • Optional with Trackball, industrial mouse etc.

KB153.7: wireless keyboard

Wireless keyboard with short shift buttons, Water- und Dust-proof, IP65!

  • Battery life approx. 10.000 h (without key strockes)
  • Range approx. 10 Meters
  • 105 keys, complete MF2 Layout
  • IP65
  • Receiver inside PC100
  last modified: 06.11.2009