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Identification system: ID153 - Description

The ID153 Identification System, for stand-alone use or for use in combination with Ex-PC100 system is developed for direct installation in hazardous area Zone 1 and 2. The ID153 is designed as a RFID system, for contactless reading of transponder tags and cards.



The ID153 can be delivered with different Hardware reader platforms, supporting different protocols, like TROVAN, MI-FARE, LEGIC, HITAG etc. The user has to hold his card in a distance of max. 5 cm over the front for ca. one second to proof his access rights.

The tag or card data will directly be transmitted to a central controller e.g. for time stamping or operator access or they can be forwarded to supervisory control systems

In combination with a PC100 Ex PC or operator station, the ID153 offers the opportunity to upgrade it with an effective operator access control in hazardous area.

In combination with an electrical door opener, the ID153 can be used for a simple physical access control for rooms or buildings. For this application, it can also be delivered with high current potential free relay contact outputs.

The ID153 can be connected to the PC100 control systems or door opener system, using the existing Ex e terminal room.

The waving of intrinsically safe connections makes additional interfaces and the verification of Ex i loops unnecessary.

  last modified: 06.11.2009