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Ex-p Pressurized enclosures

AP170 FD153 HS154 ID153 KB153 KI153 TB153

2D- Hand held scanner


Ex i- Area Imaging Scanner

The explosion proof hand held scanner HS154 is designed, specifically for operation in hazardous areas, Zone 1, and for use in harsh industrial environments.

New scann technology
The special scan- technology ensures best code scanning performance with maximum precision.

A successful scan is indicated by bright LEDs and signal tone. This allows easy working even in poor lighting condi-tions or noisy environments.

Scann performance
Barcodes can be scanned from a distance up to 75 cm. The new scanning technology can also be used for damaged or poorly printed codes with a contrast ratio from 20%.

Scanner interface SI154

The corresponding scanner interface SI154 serves as intrinsically safe (Ex i) power supply of the hand scanner and a safe separation of the USB 2.0 signals, at a connection to a PC in safe area.
The SI154 can be installed both in the safe area, or in an enclosure with protection class Ex d, Ex p, or within a PC100 module.
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  last modified: 30.09.2014