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Scale amplifier WV157 - Description


The combination of the dosing controller DC155 and the scale signal amplifier WV157 is a dosing system which works with a scale signal in hazardous area. The personnel starts the batch per 'start' key on the DC155.


The growing weight of the good is recognized by a scale (working with a strain gauge). When the preselected weight is reached the DC155 stops the filling process automatically. The DC155 works with a decreasing weight signal too.

Interface load cell - Dosing controller DC155

The scale signal amplifier is used to transform the weight signal. The small difference signal of the strain gauge will be amplified, transformed to digital and sent to the Dosing controller.


Correct mounting of the WV157 in hazardous area is close to the scale to reduce disturbances. The even more disturbance safe digital output signal can be transmitted via a longer distance to the DC155 in hazardous area.

  last modified: 06.11.2009