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Batch controller VZ150 - Description


The VZ 150 multifunction Batch controller works as a control unit to dose arbitrary liquids and bulk solids in hazardous area

Power supply

The basic power consumption is less enough to live with one transmitter power supply. The power consumption increases dependent on the build in options.

Sensor- und digital inputs

Inputs E2 to E7 (terminal 8 to 13) can be controlled via potential-free contacts for which an intrinsically safe power supply is provided at terminal 1,2. Input E1 (terminal 7) is designed for two-wire transducers to NAMUR or DIN 19234.  

Sensor feeding

The circuit at terminal 1,2 supplies power to the sensor. This input can also be designed as a 24 V digital input (necessary in combination with Vl 151), as a voltage input (0 to 5 V) or for constant-current signals (0/4 to 20 mA). All inputs can also be fed from external, active, intrinsically safe circuits which operate within the specified safety limits.

Digital inputs

The switching level at inputs E2 to E7 is defined with a 0 signal < 2 V and a 1 signal > 4 V. Outputs must be monitored with intrinsically safe control circuits (preferably to NAMUR or DIN 19234). All outputs are galvanically separated up to a nominal insulation voltage of 90 V. The switching function and direction of action (open/closed circuit connection) can be selected from the initialization menu.

Digital outputs

Motor and valve control is realized by three free programmable digital outputs. The digital outputs are galvanically separated up to a voltage of 90 V.

Display and front keys

The VZ150 posses two 7 -segment display with 6 digits. Use the front key to start, stop reset the dosing process, as well as to configure the internal parameters.

  last modified: 23.11.2009