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Power supply SG160 - Description

The intrinsically safe power supply SG160 is mountable in explosion endangered areas (zone 1).

Ex i- power supply

Its intrinsically safe output current (category 1b) has a rectangular characteristic with an output voltage of 15, 12 respectively 18 V DC at an output current of 25, 50 respectively 70 mA.

Housing: EEx e Terminal box

The housing as well as the input terminals of the SG160 have protection class "increased safety". The supply voltage can be connected directly to the SG160; an additional EEx e-terminal box is unnecessary.


The SG160 is available with an additional control port option. An active non intrinsically safe 8 up to 30V- signal switches the SG160 power supply on and off.

  last modified: 06.11.2009